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About Us

The Jhpiego Innovations program develops technologies and programmatic approaches to overcome global health challenges. Read More »

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Jhpiego’s innovations enable frontline health workers to detect, prevent and treat leading causes of maternal morbidity and mortality. Read More »


a breakaway ebola suit that slips off in one piece

The World Needs a Better Suit to Battle Ebola, and This May Be It

A 65-person team at Johns Hopkins has developed a prototype for a breakaway suit that’s far easier to doff. It features a tether on each arm. You bend over, place the tethers under your feet, pull your body upward, and the whole suit (complete with the outer layer of gloves) comes off. The project has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for further development. Read More »

Finding a Path Forward in Global Health Innovation

Innovation shouldn’t be easy. It requires understanding and breaking through existing patterns — in technology, behavior, policies or market forces. Innovating life-saving solutions for the world’s greatest health challenges, whether they are products or services, is also not easy because the patterns are complex — and sometimes unknown. Read More »

Reducing Maternal and Child Deaths Requires Better Trained, Empowered Health Workers

Technological solutions, like improved equipment and logistical tools, have been trumpeted as keys to finally ending preventable maternal and child deaths. "But it's not just technology innovation that we need; it is systems innovation," says Dr. Harshad Sanghvi in this week’s podcast. Read More »

Global Health Immersion: Student Engineers Blog about Their Visits to India, Nepal and Indonesia

Sixteen pioneering CBID students have travelled to Laerdal Global Health in Stavanger, Norway, and then will visit Indonesia, Nepal and India to better understand health care delivery and the needs of frontline health workers. Read More »

Reinvigorating the Postpartum IUCD Using a Low-Cost Simulation Model

Jhpiego Pakistan, in collaboration with Saving Lives at Birth, conducted a study trial of a new, portable, low-cost training simulation model called Mama-U. Designed in partnership with Laerdal Global Health, the Mama-U was developed specifically to train health care providers on the insertion of the postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device (PPIUCD). Read More »

Five Active Ingredients to Advance Maternal and Newborn Technology Innovations to Scale

The Maternal and Newborn Health field is currently flooded with technologies in various stages of development but intended to save women and newborns’ lives in resource-limited settings. Jhpiego hosted a webinar series Ideation to Impact which examined some of the primary challenges but also keys to success for to improving the design, development and delivery pathway for a growing pipeline of MNH technologies. Read More »



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