We have a new look!


We are excited to share our bold, vibrant new look because, although our mission hasn’t changed, the work we do has expanded in unique and different ways over more than four decades. This new brand reflects that—Jhpiego is saving lives, improving health and transforming futures. We are revolutionizing health care for the planet’s most vulnerable people. The women and families we serve are on a path to becoming healthy, self-reliant citizens who are leading strong, independent communities. Their success is possible because of our partnerships with governments, foundations and corporations—and because of your unflagging support.

Can you tell that we are passionate about what we do? Here’s why:


We are saving lives.


Jhpiego is a leader in creating and delivering transformative health care solutions that save lives. We translate decades of program experience and in-depth technical knowledge into the moments of care that mean the difference between life and death for women and their families. The moment a woman gives birth; the moment a midwife helps a newborn to breathe; the moment a nurse screens for cervical cancer with a simple vinegar swab; the moment a community health worker tests a woman for HIV and reports that she is virus-free. Access to lifesaving health care for all people, whoever they are, wherever they live—that’s what drives us.


We are improving health.


A Johns Hopkins University affiliate, Jhpiego is serving some of the world’s most vulnerable. Through our close partnerships with local communities, policymakers, donors and health providers, we are able to transform health care systems, leading to better health across a lifespan—from pregnancy, birth and beyond. By embedding the know-how and skills into everyday practice, we are creating lasting change that improves health for generations to come.


We are transforming futures.


Good health is one of the most powerful tools to unlock the potential in all of us. When a woman survives childbirth, is healthy and is able to care for her children, her odds of a brighter future, along with that of her family’s, are drastically improved. The new look of Jhpiego, the symbolic representation of a parent carrying a child, reflects our commitment to their health and well-being, and the respect we have for the partnerships and communities we serve around the world.


Photos courtesy of: Karen Kasmauski / Jhpiego